The Tumblebus - Flips Gymnastics 
The Tumblebus is very popular with the children and the reason is simple. It is super fun! The bus comes each Thursday morning at 10:00 am and parks right out front for a 30 minute class. Once on board, the children engage in a variety of different, fun activities that promote physical fitness and large motor skills. The children work on skills such as coordination, flexibility and balance.  All the while, they are developing confidence and self-esteem. The Tumblebus has been coming to MunchkinLand for 13 years.  The owners and their staff are top notch. There is an additional monthly fee for this class which is paid directly to the Tumblebus. 

Conversational Spanish
We use Conversational Spanish throughout the day to give the children a base of understanding in a second language.  We concentrate on an introductory level and use it in casual conversation to help strengthen the basics.

A Healthy Way to Grow


Located in the Heart of Old South West Reno

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