Teddy Bear Picnic                    Sept. 27

Halloween Costume Party      Oct. 23

Christmas Party                        Dec. 20

Valentine's Day Craft Time      Feb. 14

Easter Egg Hunt                        Apr. 9

Mother's Day Event                   May 8

Father's Day Event                     June 19

At MunchkinLand PreSchool we believe that parent involvement is an integral part of a successful preschool experience. For this reason, we plan lots of fun activities throughout the year for parents to attend. Some examples are our Halloween Costume Party, Mother's Day Tea, Father's Day BBQ, Teddy Bear Picnic, Valentine's Day Craft Time etc... We also encourage parents to share any special information, cultural traditions or talents with the class. Snacks are provided twice a day on a parent participation basis as well. In other words, each parent provides snack once a month. We have a list of recommended nutritious and kid-friendly snacks available for suggestions. 

In addition, we have an open door policy, meaning parents are welcome and encouraged to join their child at any time throughout the day. Most importantly, we feel that parents and teachers need to have ongoing open lines of communication. Parents should feel free to talk to their child's teacher at drop off or pick up time. We welcome any information that might help us better care for the needs of your child. Lastly, we are always available to schedule a conference for those matters that require further discussion.


Parent Participation

2019-2020 Calendar of  School Events

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