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About Us.

With over 20 years of experience in the preschool and child care business in Reno, we are dedicated to the care and education of young children. We feel that the best way to get to know what we're all about is to come tour the preschool and see for yourself. 

Located in the Heart of Old South West Reno

At MunchkinLand Preschool, we are well aware that the first five years are the most important in brain development. Therefore, we have designed our curriculum so that your children will grow and learn the most during that foundational period.

Our “Whole Child” Development Philosophy uses age appropriate and fun activities that promote physical, intellectual, emotional and social development.

We realize that each child is unique and has different needs and interests.

Hands-On Sensory experiences help children understand concepts as we emphasize pre-reading skills and problem solving. Also with oral and written language. Cooperative learning enhances social skills and Art projects focus on the process rather than the product. A small group instruction style is used to meet the individual needs of each child at the school. Being in such a nurturing and caring environment also gives each child the opportunity to develop a positive self-esteem. We believe that this positive feeling will last throughout their lives and build the foundation for higher learning. 

  • Structured PreSchool Curriculum
  • Low Student-Teacher Ratios
  • Full and Part-time Programs
  • Developmentally Appropriate learning activities
  • Ages 2 - 5
  • Home like atmosphere
  • Safe and Comfortable